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Default Tapco Mini-14 30 round mags

I just got a few in the mail from CDNN.

From the reviews I've seen online, these are good 30 round plastic mags for the Mini 14. There is a steel plate fused into the plastic reinforcing the little hole in front, which I haven't seen in any other piece-of-shit plastic mags people have made for the Mini 14 over the years. I've tried other plastic mags that just split in half as soon as they were loaded.

Only problem is the Mini 14, which is actually a stainless steel Ranch Rifle model, is nowhere near me so I can try them out in it.

If you want any, better get them now. I did not know that Remington owned Tapco and has since shut them down, along with DPMS and Bushmaster and blown out the inventory to distributors such as CDNN Sports.

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