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Originally Posted by Sanders View Post
I have one my cousin made for me. I bought the leather and a set of barbed wire border stamps to give to him as payment.

Anyway, the way he sewed it was with a needle and thread. He took a small drill bit on a Dremel tool to make the holes after marking them with a pinwheel device. Then he sewed it together with a thick, waxed thread - probably nylon.

Then I formed it to my Super Blackhawk.

I probably wouldn't form it, if I had it to do over again. But it does keep it from bouncing around in the holster.

If you have a Tandy's/Leather Factory near you, I've heard you can rent time on their industrial sewing machines, too. At least the one in Albuquerque, you can.

A Speedy Stitcher and a dremel drill will do it for me. I put together a used saddle I bought using one. All the stitching had rotted out of it, so I replaced it using one of these>
that's the way I have done it not that hard but does take a little time
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